Progression of the Lions Arch Fountain (Part 2)

Since the release of the game, I've been taking screenshots of the Lions Court fountain. It's been subject to snow, fire, explosions, and asuran technologies over the time that the game has been out. While I have already compiled a number of screenshots for the progression before and posted them, I'm bringing it back in an updated version.

Lions Arch Aftermath

So the new patch came out on Tuesday and with it more destruction across Lions Arch. I've put the new screenshots side by side with not destroyed LA and Under Attack LA to show just how much things have changed over the past few weeks.

If you're interested in seeing more pictures of before and during construction, my Fall of Lions Arch posts have plenty:

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The Lions Arch entrance comparison was requested by Memoryburn who took all of the Lions Arch pre-attacked pictures in this post!

I'll update later on with before and after pictures of Old Lions Arch, which looks a lot different now.